We unleash the full potential of the ancient plants.

We develop new GMO-free patented cannabis strains with the best assets for industrial production. By looking at the plant from a genetic angle, we can modify how new plants mature and develop.

We can adjust the size of the plant, where the flowers are, how many leaves and in general adjust the properties of the plant to get a cannabis plant that meets expectations every time.

We’re pioneering the future by integrating the best of the natural world with technology to create sustainable solutions for medical cannabis production.

Global Delivery

Starting in EU, we move into the world with future natural medicine for humanity.

Certified by Health Department

Certified for developments and productions in Denmark by the the auspices of the Danish Ministry of Health

Highly expirienced management team

With Headquarters north of Copenhagen.

About Us

Medical Cannabis For Global Health

Ventura is a singular, unexampled, state of the art and innovative plant breeding company specialized in enhancing cannabis plants and their breeding methods, setting forth the goal to revolutionize the Medical Cannabis Industry.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Inside every cannabis plant is a world of untapped potential.
At Ventura we unleash the full potential of this ancient plant.

Increase Production Efficiency

3 floor Phytotron facility with capacity of up to 125.000 plants. Ventura works with cultivators to standardize their operations.

Certified Plant Developer

Cannabis plants and Roses are both advanced plants that share similar characteristics, like twins. Making cannabis an ideal match for Ventura to solve the big problem of the young industry.

100% Organic

No pesticides and fungicides are used. Possible insect infestations are prevented and treated with utility insects, e.g. predators against trips.

3rd Party Tested

The proof of concept production facility will be used as a corner stone in promoting and creating exclusive license-based agreements with high end growth room cultivators/producers around the world.

We Are Ventura

We are a innovative BIOTECH Company


Our Services

We make 100% natural, sustainable and GMO free.
With +30 years of plant development experience.
We introduce new commercial full potential strains to the market.
Our capacity produces more than 125,000 plantlets.
Direct sale of best-in-class clones to high-end producers.



Our main market for the yield will be high end medical cannabis producers.

Future Medicine

Future Medicine

Ability to grow up to 2.400 plants weekly. State-of-the-art climate control, watering and fertigation systems.

More Opportunities

More Opportunities

Ventura have made an unranked list of candidates for future projects that will fit into our mindset and approach to product development.



Advanced cultivation technology concept.

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Year Experience

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Plantlets per Year

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Tons of plants a Year

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Licensed growers around the world

Use Our Production Enhancements for Your Production Facilities : Quality - Stability - High Yield