About Us

Our story started with an idea by Mogens Nyegaard Olesen, entrepreneur and owner of Poulsen Roser based in Denmark. Mogens is a global pioneer in genetic plant reproduction with 30+ year specialty in rose and clematis breeding. Mogens has dedicated his career to develop methods and systemize how to crossbreed, clone and reproduce new plant varieties (cultivars). Cannabis plants and Roses are both advanced plants that share similar characteristics, like twins. Making cannabis an ideal match for Ventura to solve the big problem of the young industry.

About Us

Using CBD oil for self-care practice can be one of many powerful ways to create change and health care in the future.

About Us

Medical Cannabis For Global Health

Becoming the leading provider of own developed world-class medical cannabis strains. Ramping up nursery operations to develop new world-class cannabis strains for the recreational and wellness market. Ensuring that Ventura’s customers remain on the leading-edge of cannabis cultivation. Making investments in licensed cultivators and distributors to increase growth potential and access to international markets. Future projects that will fit into our mindset and approach for product development are strains used for Rose oil, Lavender oil, Saffron, Aronia, Sea-buckthorn, Melissa, Helichrysum, Mint oil and Peppermint oil.

Christian Madsen

Ventura CEO

Ventura Breed Denmark

We Are Certified Medical Company

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Our facility will be equipped with advanced growing technologies and
systems to mitigate risk and increase product quality and output:

100% Organic

We develop new GMO-free patented cannabis strains with the best assets for industrial production.

Certified Medicine

Ventura holds all licenses, that form the foundation of our vertically integrated business model.

3rd Party Tested

An optimal layout facilitates efficient and consistent crop cycling and is one of the key components in quality control and maximizing yields.

Automation Facility

A Phytotron in the making when fully operational, our facility will both provide premium cannabis at scale and be our own development and test facility.